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Weller Full Proof Single Barrel Select – 2022 Best Whisky


Weller Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This highly anticipated Weller bourbon is bottled at the same 114 proof the spirit was when it entered into the barrel.

Proof 114 (57% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Buffalo Trace Distillery
Size 750mL

Weller Full Proof Single Barrel Select Bourbon

Buffalo Trace’s Weller logo is acquainted to maximum folks, providing a variety of various Wheated bourbons. Though the mashbill isn’t always precisely known, wheated bourbons generally update the Rye used with a kind of equal quantity of wheat. Weller 12 (and Van Winkle “Lot B”!) are widely recognized flavors, with many through the years commenting that a higher-evidence model of Weller 12 or Lot B might make for a greater thrilling dram. Weller Full Proof Single Barrel Select.

W.L. weller full proof kentucky straight bourbon

Weller Full Proof Single Barrel Select first seemed in 2019, and is an expression of this wheated mashbill that has now no longer long gone via relax filtering, and is launched at 57V. The widespread launch of Full Proof quick stuck the eye of many reviewers as a better opportunity to the well-cherished Antique 107 and Weller 12 bottlings.

Where the usual version of this bottle has vanilla, caramel, and mild very well notes, this unmarried barrel choose from grasp distiller Harlen Wheatley of Buffalo Trace brings a spiced cake profile ahead with an awful lot smoother normal flavor.


Golden with a few faint red. Slight whiskey tears at the interior of the glass


The nostril varies from everyday Full Proof- this one has delivered pound cake and recommendations of almonds withinside the nostril. A little bit of burnt sugar seems too with a promise of sweetness.

There is a faint be aware of some thing savory- Nutmeg or some other baking spice possibly. I’m transported to the kitchen at Christmas time, whilst a few greater uncommon biscuits/cookies are regularly made!


This has a virtually best oily mouth experience. It lightly coats, and right away stands proud via way of means of now no longer having warmness steady with the 57V. It has that tough to gain stability of excessive alcohol very easily included flavors. Blindfolded you will probable bet this at 45%!

Like the usual version, wheated flavors dominate the bouquet. Savory matters make me think about that pound cake again, or possibly gingerbread. The sweetness isn’t always simply sugary, however alternatively mixed with a few very pleasurable highly spiced notes. Wheated bourbons typically don’t deliver as many thrilling spice flavors ahead like this one does.


There are diffused recommendations of almonds and toasted pecans withinside the end. Some cinnamon warmness builds over time. Lips tingle and experience sticky with flavors that make me think about sticky toffee pudding. The end isn’t always overly long- a pitcher is going via way of means of pretty quick as it’s far pretty greater-ish.

Value for Money:

Weller Full Proof may be very tough to return back via way of means of. At MSRP that is a no brainer and might effortlessly beat whatever in that fee range. A choose inclusive of this one might effortlessly see $500+ at the US secondary, that’s a far more difficult name to make. If this had now no longer been a completely beneficent change from a friend, I doubt I’d have laid palms on a bottle.

Various save alternatives of Full Proof had been continually virtually good. As deliver will increase I’m hoping to peer the fee come down. I’d strongly propose becoming a member of any tastings you discover with Weller Full Proof barrel alternatives included!


A satisfactory version of the already wonderful Weller Full Proof, with delivered emphasis on cake/gingerbread flavors.

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