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Tres Comas Anejo Tequila


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Tres Comas Añejo Tequila is a confined version tequila made in collaboration with HBO & Diageo. The añejo tequila is crafted from 100% blue weber agave and turned into elderly in American oak for over a year. Tres Comas turned into featured withinside the HBO collection Silicon Valley and created through its billionaire man or woman Russ Hanneman. experience it

Tres Comas Anejo Tequila

Russ Hanneman here. This is my very own brand, Tres Comas. Do you realize what meaning in Spanish? Three Commas. As in 3 commas in one billion dollars. My accountant has knowledgeable me that that is ultra-top class tequila from a own circle of relatives run distillery set it rural Jalisco. Tres Comas is elderly in American Oak Barrels with diffused notes of vanilla, spice and a toasted oak end this is nice loved neat or at the rocks.

About Tres Comas Anejo Tequila

Inspired with the aid of using the hit TV display Silicon Valley, Tres Comas is an ultra-top class tequila from a family-run distillery set it rural Jalisco. This ultra-top class tequila (this means that 3 commas in Spanish), is stimulated with the aid of using the 3 commas in one thousand million dollars.

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A collaboration among HBO and Diageo, this 100-percentage Blue Weber agave tequila become elderly in American Oak barrels for over a 12 months handing over rich, toasted oak finish. Tres Comas possesses notes of vanilla and spice. Enjoy it neat, at the rocks, or in a choice of signature Tres Comas cocktails like the “Re-Billionizer,” “Russ Fest,” or “Billionaire Margarita.”

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Although tequila has advanced a terrible reputation, there may be greater to the spirit than simply pictures on a Saturday night. This conventional Mexican drink origins withinside the country of Jalisco whilst in keeping with a neighborhood legend, lightning struck an agave cactus earlier than the Nahua tribe drank its heat nectar. Behold, tequila.

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Legally, tequila must be made from 51% of Blue agave across the Jalisco area in Mexico. There are one-of-a-kind forms of tequila in keeping with age – from the youngest representatives, blanco, reposado, and añejo, to the oldest more añejo.

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