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Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old rye


Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Aged for a minimum of six years in #4 alligator charred oak barrels, this rye earned a score of 96-100 points from Wine Enthusiast.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Wild Turkey

Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old rye

Of all of the present day Wild Turkey expressions I’ve had the satisfaction of reviewing, Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old rye is one of the least covered. I actually have my reasons. Well, I assume simply one: I hardly ever drink it. It’s now no longer that there’s some thing incorrect with Russell’s Six-Year – first rate age, first rate proof, first rate price, now no longer to say it’s located rattling close to anywhere. It tastes amazing too. It won’t blow your thoughts or stump your palate, however you’ll possibly discover your self happy on the cease of an night pour. In fact, of the numerous Wild Turkey rye offerings, it’s the only I recommend maximum to whiskey novices. 60 rye bread recipe

Russell reserve 6 year old small batch rye old label

When it involves rye whiskey, maximum enthusiasts – mainly American whiskey enthusiasts – input from a bourbon background. As such, their profile options generally hover round sweeter, rounder notes. They’re used to the flavors and textures grains like corn and wheat offer beneathneath the have an impact on of oak and time.Rye occupies its own territory. Depending at the recipe, yeast, and maturation, tasting notes can variety from aromatic herbs and mint, to zesty citrus and peppery spice.  best russell’s reserve

Russell reserve 6 year old small batch rye

Arguably, the maximum bourbon-like of rye whiskey recipes are “slightly legal” mash bills, wherein the rye content material is minimal (simply over 50%). While formally unconfirmed, Wild Turkey’s said rye whiskey mash invoice is 52% rye, 36% corn, and 12% malted barley. And, it tastes that way; moreover, in phrases of Kentucky rye whiskeys, Wild Turkey’s rye can be the maximum bourbon-esque of them all. We can thank Master Distiller Jimmy Russell for that, as it’s generally stated that Jimmy isn’t keen on rye whiskey. He can rattling positive make it, he’s simply now no longer eager on sipping it.

Russell reserve 6 year old

Which brings me lower back to Russell’s Reserve Six-Year … as expressed in my opening, it would simply be the right introductory rye whiskey for bourbon enthusiasts. You get a rye mash invoice that’s heavy on corn, the usage of the identical grains and yeast Wild Turkey makes use of for his or her bourbon, elderly withinside the identical cooperage and rickhouses, and bottled with an age declaration just like the said minimal age of Wild Turkey It’s best ninety proof, however the extra water arguably makes for a sweeter profile accented with the aid of using well-tempered spice.

How long is russell’s reserve single barrel aged

russell reserve 6 year oldBackground covered, it’s time to dive right into a latest bottling of this expression – one which stretches lower back to 2007. The ultimate time I reviewed Russell’s Reserve Six-Year Rye it turned into a 2014 release, and previous to that a 2007 and a 2016. A lot can occur in a handful of years, specially thinking about the brand new distillery’s release in 2011. I expect I’ll discover the profile familiar, aleven though one in no way knows. russell reserve 6 year old


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