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Russells Reserve 10 Year – Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Matured for over a decade in heavily charred casks under the intense Kentucky sun, this bourbon earned a score of 95 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Wild Turkey
Size 750mL

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Vs Wild Turkey 101

Legendary bourbon-makers Jimmy and Eddie Russell use their considerable know-how to craft this 10-year-vintage classic. Aged in No. four alligator char barrels and bottled at ninety proof, this small-batch bourbon has highly spiced vanilla flavors and a easy finish. The severe oak woody-ness of Russell’s Reserve® lets in it to rise up to the ambitious taste combos of Campari® and wealthy candy vermouth withinside the Boulevardier.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year

The scope of my ambition, however, frequently overwhelms my capacity to execute. For example: I actually have six samples of Kentucky Peerless barrel selections sitting in my basement, subsequent to the dozen bottles of diverse Maker’s Mark expressions that I am saving for the tasting-to-give up-all-tastings. The weight of those responsibilities creates a form of paralysis; it’s like having creator’s block in carried out form.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Vs Wild Turkey 101

I inform all our writers right here that they need to write simplest after they experience willing to do so. This is recommendation that one in every of our former editors gave consistently, and I actually have maintained the practice. From our readers’ angle: it’s clean to inform while a creator has ardour for a subject. The prose flows energetically, the creator’s persona shines through, and the tasting notes are wealthy and varied.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Flaviar

On the opposite hand, it’s additionally conveniently obvious while there’s a loss of enthusiasm. I’m now no longer speakme approximately the weary, cynical takes that (for higher or worse) have grow to be part of the Malt “brand;” even the ones may be complete of robust feelings, albeit of the terrible variety. Rather, I’m relating to the opinions undertaken because of a feel of duty or boredom, possibly for loss of different fabric to be had. I’m responsible of manufacturing some of those myself, aleven though I’m hoping that today’s might be extra inspired, as it’s far prompted through numerous subjects that I experience strongly approximately addressing.

Russells Reserve 10 Year Reddit

The tale starts with me staring at at the assembled bottles and samples that I intend to check mañana, that is what our pals south of the border say after they absolutely imply “never.” I observed an orphan pattern sitting to the side. It’s a whiskey this is to be had anywhere I shop, and I do imply anywhere: grocery stores, liquor stores, even the dang drug store (in an fun nod to bourbon’s ancient medicinal use). Nothing approximately this whiskey conjures up frenzied hunting, paying a secondary marketplace premium, or bragging approximately securing a bottle on Instagram… and you understand what? That’s how I like my bourbon, nowadays.

Russells Reserve 10 Year Vs Knob Creek 9 Year

For years, this interest has been taking a sequence of turns for the worse. I actually have documented a lot of them in this site; it’d be difficult to discover one in every of my bourbon opinions right here that didn’t bemoan one of the miserable traits that mar my amusement of this beverage. Because, after all, that’s what this is: a beverage.

To cross all Allen Iverson on you guys: we’re speakme approximately whiskey. Not family. Not pals. We’re speakme approximately whiskey. It’s crafted from corn, rye, barley, yeast, and water. It’s now no longer the start of a child, or the final hug you’ll deliver your grandmother. We’re speakme approximately whiskey. You realize, the stuff university children blend with Coke. We’re now no longer speakme approximately the Mona Lisa, Trevi Fountain, or the Arnolfini Portrait. We’re speakme approximately whiskey. We’re now no longer speakme approximately a sunrise, an endangered tiger, or Mount Everest. We’re speakme approximately whiskey, man.

You wouldn’t realize it, aleven though, primarily based totally at the conduct of some. While I celebrated ardour only a second ago, it is able to be taken to an irrational, corrosive intense as soon as angle has been lost. However, I strongly trust that conduct is normative. We’re social animals, and all however the maximum deviant folks take our cues from the ones round us. We examine what different human beings are doing, and we act likewise. We be aware of what sorts of behavior get high-quality reinforcement, and we additionally be aware what receives criticized and condemned. If we need to alternate the antisocial, criminal, and once in a while violent moves of these on this community, it’s now no longer sufficient to definitely scoff privately at awful actors or kvetch approximately them online. We additionally want to maintain up examples of remarkable conduct and be beneficiant in our reward of the best guys.

Russells Reserve 10 Year Vs Buffalo Trace

One such excellent man is the foundation for this piece. I’ve sung his praises on this area before, however he maintains on giving, so I hold on singing. I’m referring, of course, to David Jennings, a.k.a. Rare Bird 101. He has regarded so often right here that he probable calls for no introduction, apart from to mention that he has actually written the ee-e book on Wild Turkey, and stays the distillery’s #1 fan bar none.

In my current survey of Kentucky whiskey distilleries, I lauded the center variety of Wild Turkey. However, searching lower back on my opinions in this site, I actually have caught basically to the limited-version releases. Because of the excessive costs those bottles command, those that didn’t resonate with me had been given particularly punitive scores. In turn, this has resulted withinside the belief that I don’t like Wild Turkey.

I won’t recapitulate my defense; rather, I’ll placed phrases into movement through reviewing a member of the aforementioned center that I suppose merits the eye of all bourbon drinkers. The bourbon in query is the Russell’s Reserve 10 Years Old.

You can examine David’s mind on bottles of this expression from 2019, 2020, and 2021, the latter along with an informative chat approximately the expression with Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller, Eddie Russell. John additionally gave his verdict at the pour, in a head-to-head matchup with every other decade-antique bourbon.

This bottle is from 2018, this means that the distillate got here from the antique Ripy Bros. distillery, rebuilt after the give up of Prohibition (the brand new Wild Turkey distillery started manufacturing in 2011). Though older barrels are (and could preserve to be) combined into the release, the ones shopping Russell’s Reserve 10 Years Old bottled previous to 2021 might be confident that the liquid is 100% from the antique distillery.


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