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Maker’s Mark Whisky Handmade Straight Burbon


This signature Maker’s Mark handmade bourbon is crafted from corn, malted barley and red winter wheat.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Maker’s Mark Distillery
Size 750mL

Maker’s Mark Whisky Handmade Straight Burbon

Maker’s Mark Handmade Kentucky Straight Bourbon Il 1 October 1953, William Samuels Sr. bought Burks Distillery, which became located in Loretto, Kentucky, for $35,000. Five years later, the distillery launched the primary bottles of Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky, which featured the distillery’s special purple wax seal.
The distillery became indexed at the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and became indexed as a National Historic Landmark in 1980.

Handmade large silver earrings with maker’s mark j jensen

Made from a blend of corn, wheat and barley malt, Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (spelled without the “e” to honor the Samuels family’s Scottish heritage) manages to marry large-scale, worldwide manufacturing with a wealthy way of life in a manner that few different distilleries can rival.
The actual “makers” of Maker’s Mark nevertheless rotate the barrels withinside the distillery’s warehouses, bottle the whisky and dip the bottles in wax — all with the aid of using hand.

Maker’s mark whisky kentucky straight bourbon handmade

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon is rather wonderful from the bulk of different bourbons available in the marketplace which might be crafted from a mash of malted barley, rye, and corn. Wheat serves because the alternative for rye withinside the recipe. This ‘wheated’ bourbon, is made from purple iciness wheat, and bottled at ninety proof. Makers mark class action lawsuit handmade

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