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Dewars White Label Centennial Flagon – 2022 Best Collection


Dewars White Label Centennial Flagon Limited Edition

Dewar’s created this expression of White Label as a exercise of the flagons used at some stage in the brand’s early days withinside the past due nineteenth century.
This turned into launched in 1986 to commemorate the one centesimal anniversary of the combination receiving its first award in 1886

Dewars White Label Centennial Flagon – 2022 Best Collection

In 1846, John Dewar started out mixing the greatest whisky he ought to supply in Scotland and bottling it together along with his very own call at the label. Within a decade, Dewar turned into presenting whisky to bars and resorts for the duration of Scotland. By the flip of the century, the logo had elevated to come to be one of the best-promoting whiskies withinside the international and nowadays stays the best-promoting Scotch whisky withinside the United States. Dewar’s Signature Blended Scotch Whisky – le whisky phare de John Dewar; Fils Cie. — is crafted through mixing collectively “the rarest of uncommon whiskies from throughout Scotland.

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