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Codigo 1530 George Strait Anejo Tequila


Código 1530 George Strait Añejo Tequila

This Limited Edition Añejo is a private recipe refined over many generations by an artisan distilling family in Amatitán.

Codigo 1530 George Strait Anejo Tequila

For generations, Codigo 1530 George Strait Anejo Tequila remained a closely-guarded mystery amongst Los Bajos’ best jimadors. Once called the El Tequila Privado, “the non-public Tequila,” the label has now been added to the sector for the first actual time. The Código 1530 variety consists of a Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, an Extra Añejo Tequila, and a Rosa. Federico “Fede” Vaughan is CEO & Co-Founder of Código 1530 and honorary custodian of its non-public recipe.

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Ron Snyder, an established buddy of Federico and pro enterprise executive, delivered the tequila to the marketplace in 2016. The recipe for Código 1530 has been exceeded down and perfected for generations.

George Strait Tequila Specs

The tequila is crafted the use of the time-commemorated customs and traditions of the Los Bajos vicinity in addition to the metropolis of Amatitán, the birthplace of Tequila. Código 1530 is called after “Los Códigos,” the pre-colonial antique international codes and customs that formed the metropolis of Amatitán and the Los Bajos vicinity.

George strait tequila reposado

All Código 1530 Tequila expressions are crafted from 100% Blue Weber agave. After the agave have matured for seven to 10 years, they may be harvested and cooked in stainless-steel ovens, in which they may be fermented the usage of an natural baker’s yeast.

George strait whiskey is the gasoline

In collaboration with united states of America track singer George Strait, this Limited Edition Añejo is a personal recipe delicate over many generations through an artisan distilling own circle of relatives in Amatitán. Aged for 18 months withinside the greatest Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels.
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