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Brand Widow Jane
Country USA
Region Kentucky
Size 70cl
ABV / Strength 45.5%
Age 10 Year Old
Varietal Straight Bourbon

Buy Widow Jane 10 Year Old Bourbon – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

This bourbon, like so many classics, was distilled in Kentucky. It owes its name, however, to the Widow Jane mine in Rosendale, New York, whose water has made it bottle-ready. Butterscotch and cigar box are there in the nose, with salted caramel, sandalwood and the good kind of oiliness all mingling up into the finish.

Widow Jane Distillery turned into based in 2012 and is owned through Cacao Prieto. Founded through the inventor Daniel Prieto Preston, the enterprise produces some of whiskeys which are each sourced and distilled in-house. With an workplace in Brooklyn, NY and distillery a hundred and five miles north of NYC in Red Hook, NY, the whiskey receives its call because of the reality that the enterprise makes use of water that comes from the Widow Jane Mines in Rosendale, NY. The bourbon is produced in Kentucky and taken to New York for proofing and bottling.

This is a unmarried barrel bourbon, this means that every barrel will gift a barely one-of-a-kind taste profile. For this review, the bottle being reviewed turned into bottled in 2017, from barrel variety 1579, and bottle variety 173.

For this review, we offered our Patreon Supporters 4 one-of-a-kind bourbons to vote on with the winner being the subsequent bourbon we reviewed. If you would love to have a say in our subsequent month-to-month Patreon Supporter interaction, sponsor us on the $1 consistent with month or better level.


Classic bourbon trends flow to the vanguard together with corn, oak, barrel char, and vanilla. Beneath lay mild pointers of apple and raisins. As may be anticipated for a ninety one evidence bourbon, there may be no ethanol gift at all. Sans the flavors themselves being barely muted, usual the nostril is the whole thing you’ll need out of a conventional fashion bourbon.


The palate begins offevolved notably candy with corn and vanilla blended with mild orange and cherry. There is a shocking dose of warmth constituted of rye spice and pepper which commingle well with the flavors. For a ten 12 months antique bourbon the dearth of all rightwithinside the palate is surprising. A simply quality sip finish
The warmness flares up on the begin of the finish, however fast subsides. What stays is a totally bizarre blend of flavors. A dose of pepper is gift in conjunction with a ordinary astringent flavor that tickles the returned of my throat. This is in addition blended with a soap-like all right taste profile. This lingers for a while, and sadly ends this bourbon on a bitter note. To make certain it wasn’t my glass, I attempted out a one-of-a-kind glencairn that I wiped clean very well with water, and had the identical end result.


A Kentucky sourced bourbon that’s proofed down with limestone water from New York. It’s an exciting sufficient tale to a degree, and the bourbon truly hits its mark. Make no mistake, there may be no mingling of barrels or mixing going on. This is only a directly proofing down of a sourced bourbon the use of neighborhood limestone filtered water. While I’m certain the enterprise loves this process, many non-distiller producers (NDP) do simply this and the stop end result is a drinkable, conventional tasting bourbon. Besides the extraordinary tasting finish, the taste profile isn’t all that particular or memorable usual, and I’d be tough pressed to select out this out of a blind tasting.

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