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1792 Single Barrel For Sale – Whiskey Good Quality


1792 Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The latest limited release from the award-winning distillery, 1792 Single Barrel showcases the most exceptional barrels of the bourbon that earned a score of 95 points at the 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Proof 98.6 (49.3% ABV)
Distiller/Bottler Name Barton 1792 Distillery
Size 750mL

1792 Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

1792 Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted from a mash of 75% corn, 15% rye and 10rley. While the usage of corn withinside the bourbon’s recipe provides conventional notes of butterscotch and roasted nuts, the heavy use of rye withinside the bourbon’s mashbill yields a greater complicated and full-bodied whiskey.

1792 Single Barrel Reserve

After distillation, the bourbon is elderly in new, American oak casks in Warehouse Z at the distillery’s property in Bardstown, Kentucky. Warehouse Z is located on the threshold of a bluff and as a result, enjoys the acute warmth and humidity which are best for maturing whiskey. “In order to create this specific bourbon,” says Ken Pierce, Barton 1792’s grasp distiller, “the greatest barrels are decided on and tasted from the great ageing warehouses. Only the ones barrels deemed ‘exceptional’ are then bottled individually, one with the aid of using one. This preserves the wonderful individual of every barrel.”

1792 Single Barrel Select

Once the bourbon has matured for not less than 8 years, it’s far added to evidence with water drawn from the Tom Moore spring. The iron-free, Kentucky limestone water — the identical water utilized by Moore over a century in the past whilst crafting his personal whiskey — provides a diffused contact of complexity and intensity to the bourbon.

Like the usual problem 1792, the unmarried barrel’s nostril is carried with the aid of using candy butterscotch notes, aleven though a piece fruitier overall, with guidelines of ginger and Fuji apple. The palate is caramel-forward, with only a nip because of the rye, main to a candy end tempered with heat sour cloves.

Previous confined version releases from 1792 bought properly and have become scarce pretty quickly, and we count on the identical from this award-prevailing distillery’s new unmarried barrel release.

1792 Single Barrel Vs Bottled In Bond

In 1876, John D. Willett — certainly considered one among Kentucky’s authentic bourbon aristocrats — transferred his hobby withinside the Willett & Frenke Distillery to his sons-in-law, Benjamin Mattingly and Thomas Moore. Mattingly and Moore endured to function the Willett & Frenke Distillery collectively till 1881 whilst Mattingly subsequently bought his stake withinside the organisation to a set of investors. Within some years, Thomas Moore received entire manage over the distillery and eponymously renamed it.

1792 Single Barrel Age

Moore could preserve to function the distillery for some other 5 a long time till he changed into in the end pressured to shut his doorways on the onset of Prohibition. Today, the Barton 1792 Distillery operates at the identical webweb page because the anciental Tom Moore Distillery and keeps to apply the identical strategies that Moore used over a century in the past whilst distilling his personal bourbon. After the grains are harvested, they’re mashed and fermented earlier than being distilled thru a copper-pot still. Next, the whiskey is elderly in new, American oak casks at the distillery’s property in Bardstown, Kentucky.
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1792 Single Barrel For Sale

There aren’t many stuff greater American than bourbon, and despite the fact that maximum of it’s far produced in Kentucky, it may be produced all around the USA.
It ought to be made with as a minimum 51% corn and bottled at 40V or higher. So why now no longer supply this American conventional a try?.

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